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Stage of Designs brings fresh and unexpected ideas to the table because we want to make every interior truly bespoke, with a touch of understated luxury. Our in-depth research ensures each client gets an interior that reflects their unique personality.
We put a lot of thought into making your home a comfortable and relaxing space. Every element is designed to work together to create an enjoyable home experience for you and your family.
We demand the highest standards of ourselves and our partners. That’s why we work with artisans and craftsmen from around the world who produce unique pieces of the highest quality.
It takes time and a wide range of skills to bring a design concept to life. We offer Project Management and Procurement services covering every aspect of your project. We work with top specialist contractors and builders to ensure your design gets the love it deserves. 
Good project organization and prompt communication are key to our success. We use the latest software to track the budget and delivery timetable, so you’ll be always in control.
We believe that a good design should represent good value too. With Stage of Designs you’ll get access to exclusive trade suppliers with above average level of discounts.

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